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Elephant Adventure

Experience the thrill of being close to these magnificent creatures – witnessing their intelligence, their compassionate nature and their sheer delight in interacting with human counterparts.

ElephantsThis adventure with elephants is far more than the usual ‘touch and feed’ elephant experience. Instead it offers unique hands-on educational elephant interaction, as well as the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants and to experience an elephant-back safari if you would like*.

The elephant park is located in Bela-Bela, which is within easy reach of Aloe Lane Guest Lodge, making it a perfect day out, or even a half day if your free time is limited. The park is managed by the Hensman family, who have lived and worked with elephants since 1988, enabling them to offer unrivalled elephant experiences.

Your day tour includes:

  • Transfers Aloe Lane Guest Lodge to the elephant park at Bela-Bela
  • A detailed safety briefing, to ensure a safe and enjoyable elephant encounter
  • An introduction to the elephants, to learn about their backgrounds, behaviours and characters
  • Time to touch, feel, feed and interact with the elephants
  • A swimming session with one or more of the elephants in the park’s elephant pool
  • An optional one hour elephant back safari through the park


Elephant 2The friendly and experienced elephant handlers will share their passion and in-depth knowledge with you throughout this wonderful encounter. The six elephants Moya, Chova, Chishuru, Messina, Shan and Nuanedi were saved from being culled and were captured rather than being destroyed. They were then trained to engage with humans, in order to educate people about elephants, as well as the complexities of conservation and managing wildlife in an ever-changing Africa.

Today they are assisting with roles in poaching, tracking and educational interactions like the one you will experience. The motto behind this programme is “Conservation through Educative Interaction” and in this spirit is that every interaction is a hands on interaction allowing you to let your five senses go wild, whilst experienced elephant handlers enlighten you about the various facts and facets surrounding elephant.

*Important information: Elephant interaction of this type is an ‘adventure’ activity which poses certain risks to your physical health and safety, as well as potentially to the elephants. Aloe Lane Guest Lodge is constantly assessing the level and management of these interactions, and will not support operations which are guilty of malpractice or unethical training methods.